Michel Koch

Michel Koch

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First Name * Michel
Last Name * Koch
Username * michelkoch
Country * France
City Strasbourg
Nationality French
Languages EnglishFrench


Current Position Designer;Designer
Areas of Expertise AdvertistingConcept artDigital PaintingGames ComputerGames ConsoleGames OnlinePre ProductionPrintingPublishing InternetPublishing PrintStoryboardTelevisonillustration
Preferred Tools StoryboardingCharactersIllustrationPhotoshopPainterArt DirectionDesignConcept artEnvironmentCharacter design


Availability: Freelance
Website www.michelkoch.fr


I am a professional freelance illustrator and I would like to offer my services for Illustrations, concept art, and artworks needs.

I am working regularly as a offsite contract concept artist for
different video game projects. I communicate with the teams with
different means, MSN, e-mail, skype, telephone, or anything else needed.
For example some of my video game clients are SEGA, Tokkun Studio and Eugen systems. With all of them I worked from home and never had issues to find my place inside the teams.

I am also working regularly for several rpg games companies such as White Wolf, Alderac, Fantasy Flight Games, Asmodée, Edge of Midnight
Publishing, etc ... I also work as a book cover artist for some French
book publishing companies such as Pocket, EONS, or "Les Moutons
My favorite genres are fantasy, dark/horror/noir and Sci-fi but I can
adapt easily to other themes if needed.

I can meet tight deadlines and quickly react to the art director feedback (by mail, msn, phone, etc ...).

I hope that my work will catch your interest and that you will want to work with me. I am at your disposal for any information, don't hesitate to write me to this e-mail address : michel.koch@gmail.com


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